Innovation of multi-sensor alarms continues with new product range

Innovation continues for Aico as it launches two new products – the Ei660i and Ei660iRF multi-sensor fire alarms. These brand-new additions to Aico’s 600 Series boast all of the benefits of its award-winning multi-sensor fire alarm in a self-contained battery-powered unit.

With Aico striving to deliver products that align with its customers’ requirements, the Ei660i and Ei660iRF were developed to fulfil the need of a battery-powered multi-sensor fire alarm within its product range.

The products are a complementary addition to the multi-sensors within Aico’s mains-powered 3000 Series, and include the same technologically advanced heat and optical smoke sensors to offer total fire protection, with an increased resistance to false alarms.

Michael Wright, Product Development Manager at Aico comments, “Our new Ei660i and Ei660iRF models continue our innovation of multi-sensor alarms across our product range. The lithium battery powered alarms complement our existing 3000 Series mains-powered multi-sensor alarms and provide users with improved fire response and reduced risk of false alarms. We’re delighted to be able to launch the products as part of our new 600 Series and provide users with our proven and award-winning multi-sensor technology across both mains and battery-powered alarm series.”

The Ei660i is a stand-alone device, while the Ei660iRF includes built-in RadioLINK+ technology, offering wireless interconnection with compatible Aico alarms via radio frequency.

The new products have a range of additional benefits, including built-in dust compensation technology. The unique self-monitoring dust compensation mechanism allows the alarm to tolerate up to twice as much dust contamination than a conventional optical alarm. The optical sensor chamber continually self-monitors minute changes in dust levels, automatically recalibrating the alarm’s trigger point when necessary to reduce false alarms.

Both the Ei660i and Ei660iRF also include Aico’s award-winning AudioLINK+ technology, making it simple to get real-time data directly from the alarm head via a mobile app, reporting on information such as activations, sensor status and record of testing.

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