New smart thermostat from Sangamo

As more and more households are seeing the benefit of smart devices in controlling various elements in the home – so is the demand for smart controls that help with energy saving. ESP has added a smart thermostat to its Sangamo heating controls range, offering installers the opportunity to easily add a smart control function to their customers’ home heating.


The Sangamo Wi-Fi-controlled thermostat allows one to control and monitor the room temperature and thermostat activity from anywhere in the world, via a smartphone or tablet. It does this through the subscription-free ClickSmart+ app from Scolmore, which offers users control of a range of connected home and security products, all from one secure, easy-to-access platform. 


The Sangamo smart thermostat offers energy-efficient programming and with remote access via the app, it allows for constant monitoring and control at your fingertips. In addition, it can be voice-controlled through Alexa and Google Assistant.


It is designed for easy installation and operation and is also suitable for electric, gas or oil systems. A boiler can be controlled by wiring into the Sangamo thermostat or through the thermostat’s receiver, allowing full installation flexibility.  


Key features of the thermostat that help control energy usage include the optimal start function and the open window/door detection feature.


Optimal start function: This ensures that the optimum temperature conditions are achieved at the required times. The boiler is gradually fired as the set time approaches, as opposed to large inefficient surges and demand for heat at the scheduled time. The energy efficiency feature, depending on how cold it is, can adjust the start time of the heating system. For example, on cold days, the heating system can be started earlier to ensure the home is warm at the scheduled time, and on warmer days the heating system can be started later to save energy.  


Open window/door detection: This uses sudden temperature changes to detect if a window is open and switches off for a while to save energy. For example, if the room temperature drops significantly within three minutes, the thermostat will stop a call for heat. The thermostat will then resume the call for heat if the temperature recovers or 30 minutes elapse.


It is available in a white finish. The smart thermostat has a slimline, contemporary design, with a touch button for manual control and a clear LED display. It features a keylock facility to avoid any buttons being accidentally pressed by children. It comes complete with a table stand or wall mount option. 


The Sangamo thermostat combines Wi-Fi smart control, seven-day scheduling automation and optimisation to assist Boiler Plus compliant requirements. 

The post New smart thermostat from Sangamo first appeared on Electrical Contracting News (ECN).

The post New smart thermostat from Sangamo appeared first on Electrical Contracting News (ECN).

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