The Save on Energy Instant Discounts Program for Lighting is Now Available

December 21, 2023

Eligible businesses across Ontario can now receive upfront discounts from participating distributors on a variety of energy-efficient lighting products that will help to lower their business’s energy consumption, improve their bottom line and transform their space through the new Save on Energy Instant Discounts program.

Effective December 18, 2023, most lighting measures previously available as part of the Retrofit program are now being offered through the Instant Discounts program. Incentives for horticultural lighting, and lighting controls are still available in the Retrofit program through the prescriptive stream.

Retrofit program applications for lighting measures that have transitioned to the Instant Discounts program that have been pre-approved or submitted for pre-approval prior to or on December 17, 2023, will continue to be eligible to receive the Retrofit program incentive after Retrofit program requirements are met. However, to avoid duplication of incentives paid, Save on Energy requires the participant not to accept the Instant Discounts program incentive from participating distributors when purchasing lighting measures.

For more information, visit the Instant Discounts program web page or the frequently asked questions page.


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